Altered Images at Hand

Propeller Art Gallery

Entry Deadline: Apr. 14

30 Abell St.
Toronto, CND M6J 0A9
PHONE 416 504-7142

Altered Images at Hand is a non-juried online group exhibition welcoming all artists to submit works. The exhibition will open online April 28th, 2021.

Call for Submissions Details:

Throughout photographic history, there has been a desire to alter the captured image. The earliest techniques were necessarily analog in nature; applying exposure manipulations, colouring, cutting, or chemical processing. Artists today continue to practice in this analog realm, where there remains a freedom to explore through a choice of materials and modification approaches.

We are looking for artists who work with the following altered image techniques: Photo-collage or other hand-manipulation approaches including for example physical modification through painting, texturing, distorting, cutting, adding, removing, layering, weaving, etc, or physical photographic print interventions through hand-printing processes are all acceptable.

The dominant photographic elements in the work must be of the artists own creation and copyright, and have been captured through camera or camera-less means. Physical alteration techniques may be applied to analog or digital prints.

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