2020 Summer Solo Exhibition

PH Gallery + Studio

Entry Deadline: Feb. 16

455 Broadway
Troy, NY 12180
PHONE 518.241.4852


PH GALLERY + STUDIO seeks photo based artists for it’s 2020 SUMMER SOLO EXHIBITION. Finished pieces and projects need not be representational or straight photography but rather we are looking for works that have a firm basis and ties to photographic methods, processes and it’s historical origins and traditions. Artists who are diverging from traditional photographic methods (alternative processes, antiquarian processes, works on or of paper, photographic sculpture) are encouraged to submit work.

We will consider 2-D media, 3-D media, digital and film photographically based work, mixed media, as well as video, sound, and some site specific installation work (largely dependent on size and complexity of install).

It is preferred that you present a comprehensive, complete or a well developed project in progress for review. If you are local to the gallery, 10 – 20 project prints and one gallery ready piece are preferred for in person review. Digital portfolios are acceptable for review along with one gallery ready piece.

Submit your artist statement, whether it is for the work you are submitting in particular or an overarching statement of your artistic process, your resume and website for review. https://photoexpgallery.submittable.com/submit

PLEASE NOTE: Work that is reviewed for acceptance into the show is not necessarily the work that will be displayed in the gallery for the exhibition. Final decisions for acceptance into the 2020 Summer Solo Exhibition will be made upon review of a final gallery ready piece. Gallery Director, Pilar Arthur-Snead takes a curatorial yet collaborative approach to presenting your best work within the PH GALLERY + STUDIO space. We will invite finalist to present a more detailed and comprehensive body of work for review.

THE FINE PRINT: Once selected artists will sign an Artist/Gallery Contract. The Artists are expected to meet all established deadlines otherwise the gallery reserves the right to cancel the show without further notice. Publicity: PH GALLERY + STUDIO will issue a poster, postcard and press release to local media once the artist is selected. Artist may not create, produce, publish or establish collateral, social media, websites, business relationships, public relations contacts on the Gallery’s behalf. Sales: Artist 60% Gallery 40% + 8% sales tax

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