Dana Lynn Harper


Artist Biography

I’m a young artist based in Columbus, OH. I enjoy making bright, beautiful work that explores moments of self-transcendence, where time is slowed down and the outside world is forgotten, a place where the spirit rises and pre-conceived realities dismantle. Equally inspired by vast landscapes and infinitesimal plankton and pollen, the installations simulate the feeling of size and perspective fluctuation. Simultaneously referencing multiple places, my work becomes a portal to warm feelings and childhood fantasy.

Working with forms and colors from cartoons, coral reefs and the microscopic, each piece has an organic organization; paired with unnatural color and implacable materials. Odd pairings and a multi-sensory experience send the viewer into a state of displacement. By transporting viewers outside of themselves, the mind is released from the physical, guiding them to an invigorated sense of self. Playful patterns, dancing tinsel and unapologetic fluorescent colors are not only a testament to the beauty of life, but to the ever-encompassing joy of living.

Specialties: Fiber arts, mixed media sculpture, design and company branding


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