Curatorial Apprenticeship

September 19, 2020 / Helen Kachur

Latela Curatorial provides the opportunity for emerging arts professionals to gain behind the scenes experience in the fast-paced art business. This hands-on experience is designed as an Introductory Art Consulting & Curatorial Course and teaches the practical tasks related to working hands-on as an art consultant that are not taught in a BA or MA academic program.

This unique opportunity allows the Apprentice to assistant-curate an exhibition from start to finish to be presented to Latela  curatorial’s audience at large, learn about packaging/ transporting/ installing artwork, working with artists & clients on procurement projects, and arts management and gallery operations. The Apprentice directly shadows the Latela Curatorial Director and Associate Curators.

Time commitment is flexible weekly, however commitment requires a span over at least four months to fully incubate.



Latela Curatorial’s mission is to take a genuine approach to the business of art development and consulting, plus nourish real community within a local art environment for the artists we source/commission and our clients. We understand that artwork promotes mood in the space it inhabits, therefore we not only are art curators but also energy cultivators.

Moreover, we believe that our commitment to positive nourishment in our art-business practice extends to the quality of our relationships & client work, which is why you’ll find meditations and similar spirit-based events in our calendar.



the Introductory Art Consulting & Curatorial Course sounds like an incredible idea, but wonder if there is an age preference. Would love to study the process, very exciting stuff.

Sep 19, 2020


Not sure what and assistant to a curator does, assume a bit of everything to learn the business, I'm in, sign me up!

Sep 11, 2020

RSellian 22arts

I'm wondering if this is a competition or an actual job position. Love art and the profession, believe that there are many good groups out there trying to help artists into a very volatile profession.

Sep 09, 2020

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