MvVo AD ART SHOW 2019 Goes To The Streets

February 2, 2018 /

MvVo AD ART SHOW 2019 Goes To The Streets of New York at LinkNYC! 

Call for Artist Deadline: February 17, 2019

LinkNYC is a new communications network that replaces outdated city pay phones with free high-speed Wi-Fi service for cell phone charging called Links substations. Link’s free public outlet services are planned to eventually occur at over 7,500 locations across the five NYC boroughs. At the beginning of May, MvVO ART will coordinate with LinkNYC to present the first ever public digital art show for a new generation of advertising Artists who offer original works in painting, sculpture, photography and works on paper.

Opens during Frieze Week: May 1 – 4, 2019

After a groundbreaking and well-received inaugural Art Experience with AD ART SHOW 2018 at Sotheby’s New York, MvVO ART is bringing AD ART SHOW 2019 to the streets of New York City.

Your art can be digitally displayed at LinkNYC stations that provide New Yorkers and tourists with free WiFi, recharging services, and more, on the streets in strategic locations to maximize exposure during NY-Frieze Art Week. This is where art world influencers and buyers live and work! To learn more about LinkNYC, click here.

AD ART SHOW is an exhibition celebrating the talented artists continuing the legacy of Warhol, Haring, Magritte, and the many other world famous artists with roots in advertising. AD ART SHOW is about the next generation of artists who share this background. If you have a background in advertising or commercial arts and create Art in your own time, you are eligible to apply. Please note, we do not accept any commercial work you produce for clients. In addition, you should not have current exclusive gallery representation.

Participants will also be available for purchase on ARTSY for the duration of the show until the end of June 2019, reaching a vast audience of global collectors online.

MvVO selection committee includes luminaries whose judgement enhances collectors’ confidence in the art they purchase. Furthermore, the MvVO ART jury will select one or more Best in Show Artists and award them a Prize of Distinction.

We encourage you to apply and share the AD ART SHOW Call for Artists with your network & community!



Bravo to MvVo! They have brilliantly taken new ad art ideas and put it in the hands of the public, while I ideally stand by waiting for my phone to recharge. Love NYC - Thanks

Feb 09, 2019


Hope to make the deadline for artist submissions, this seems like a very reasonable way to get my work noticed while NY gears up for a big week of top level artists.

Feb 06, 2019


Love the idea of creating an outdoor art show open to the public, during NY's biggest art week

Feb 03, 2019

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