Visionary Art Show Italy

Palazzo Vernazza

May. 30, 2017

Vico Vernazza 8, Lecce, Italy

Visionary Art Show is the only one in the world Contemporary Art Exhibition & Show all together and has the attributes of a Biennial and the set direction and script as a Visionary Film. Organized by Primo Piano Special Project with Primo Piano LivinGallery, V.A.S. takes place across all three floors in the exceptional setting of the PALAZZO VERNAZZA-CASTROMEDIANO in Lecce, Italy. the world Contemporary Art Exhibition & Show all together, founded by curator and collector.

V.A.S. creates the best possible showcase for young galleries and individual artists by providing an amazing location and a new eye with high quality curatorial projects. We offer different kind of areas to exhibit as following:
OPEN SPACE (to exhibit a maximum of two works);
SOLO & DOUBLE EXHIBITION ( solo room or two artists in a room)
SHOWROOM ( For large scale installations/objects)
SCREENING ROOM ( for video & multimedia works)
PERFORMANCE ROOM ( for temporary performer)
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To submit your works/art projects write to [email protected]

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