GaleriaZero - An der Messe

May. 20, 2017

Hollandstrasse , Leopoldstadt, Vienna, Austria

With VIENNA 2017 we are making our debut in a beautiful and well known art gallery. This ground floor space is located in the well communicated and famous district Leopoldstadt, just a few steps from the important museums and art galleries.
The high cultural and economic level in Wien may expect a great and ambitious public anxious to see new international art of an outstanding level. We are sure that we will approach the expectations and convert Vienna the same as Berlin (KUNST 2017 will enter its 6th edition) as selected location for a yearly exhibition.

Theme: The Art of Being
Obviously art is a form of being. A form of expressing ourselves and communicating with other people in a special way.
Outstanding art could be described as a very tuned and universal way to communicate our deeper way of being independent of languages or origins.

VIENNA 2017 will present painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video and performance.
* The exhibition will be widely promoted in social media, press releases and cultural agendas

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