Oct. 30, 2017

Doña María Coronel 5, Sevilla, Spain

ARTSevilla – International Art Meeting and Exhibit, is a four days annual art event that is taking place in Seville (Spain), in the month of October. Exhibitions, seminars and activities are waiting for you. Universities interested in participating as exhibitors with their students, already graduated artists and professors can apply now.

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PHONE:  +0034  60778  8688


Solo Projects

ARTSevilla 17 – Encuentro Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo

Contemporary Art Meeting and Exhibit will take place in Seville from October 26 to 29, 2017. Solo Projects is a reserved exhibition area aimed to independent artists that works under a common theme. “Laberintos del S.XXI” (21st century mazes) will be the exhibition title and the idea that should be developed by participating artists. This third edition of ARTSevilla Solo Projects will bring visibility to the barriers that, in an incomprehensible way, mark our time. Social and cultural barriers, violence, inequality, lack of human values, etc. We look forward proposals able to awake a social conscience: the need for a deep change and the eradication of the inconceivable things that still surrounds us.

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