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Pop Up Art Event Artist Salon Series presents Janette Beckman Hip Hop Mash Up

Jul 17, 2014 at 6:00pm


Jul 17, 2014 at 6:00pm

30 Bond St.
NY, NY 10012


New York- July 17th, 2014 Pop Up Art Event (PUAE) kicks off the summer with another impactful creative partnership in collaboration with renowned photographer Janette Beckman and New York City's finest graffiti writers titled Janette Beckman Hip Hop Mash Up 2014.

Pop Up Art Event is excited to introduce the inaugural Artist Salon Series featuring Janette Beckman Hip Hop Mash Up 2014. Beckman is best known for her documentary photography of the 70s British punk culture, arriving in New York in the 1980s, she captured hip-hop's cultural history as it was unraveling in the streets, along with some of hip-hop's most quintessential artists like Flava Flav, Slick Rick, and Dr. Dre. She now invites NY based graffiti artists to re-create her hip-hop photo archive, each artist choosing a portrait using their distinct style to reinterpret the piece. Original artworks created on archival prints by Cey Adams, Chino (David Villorente), Claw Money, Eric Adams, Faust, Jester, Morning Breath, Revolt, Sp.One, Trike1, Alice Mizrachi, T Kid and Sharp of Keith Haring, Stetsasonic, Salt & Pepa, Flava Flav, Afrika Bambaataa, EOMD, SLick Rick, Ultramagnetic Mc's, Big Daddy Kane, Beastie Boys and Dr. Dre.

About Pop Up Art Event: Through partnerships with artists, photographers, creative influencers, we provide a platform for exposure and collaboration. Guided by our passion to nurture the creative process Always on, always evolving, we are a community of people making things that add value to everyday life PUAE acts as a liaison to implement art initiatives between artists, galleries, non-profits and institutions within the community, showcasing and supporting artists through exhibitions,

PUAE founder, Juliet Silva Yee will host intimate gatherings for art connoisseurs to discuss contemporary art -- building a community of like-mindedness in collaboration with top creative influencers within the art, design, music and tech industries, "offering people visibility into what is generally a very opaque world.”

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