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April 6, 2017 / Mary Kachur

Image by Anne Eisner

Artists Live is a visual arts program, which features award-winning Connecticut artists in month-long exhibitions starting the first Friday of each month from March through December except for August. It will take place at 23 Royce Circle in Storrs, Connecticut. Each participating Artist, will be “live” the final Friday of their month of exhibition for an artist discussion with Kathleen Zimmerman at 5 pm followed by a reception at 6 pm, which is open and free to the public. Kathleen Zimmerman has partnered with the Mansfield Downtown Partnership and jointly they were awarded the State of Connecticut’s Office of the Arts Regional Arts Grant to create this program. Anne Eisner will be the second of a series of ten artists. Anne Eisner’s work will be on exhibit April 7th through the 28th, her artist discussion will be on April 28th at 5 pm.

Anne Eisner responds strongly to two things, the natural world and bold marks on paper. Anne has found inner strength by observing the resilience and trans-formative beauty of the land and all that grows from it as it moves through its life cycle. What is struck down, crushed, cut and splintered may become irreversibly changed, but yet still remains a part of this world. Using unique geological structures and forms in nature, she draws parallels between the human experience and the natural world. Living with acute awareness of the natural world has been a blessing and she has sought through her art to express the divine power and mysterious force of life. That which should have been destroyed is able instead to transform and rebuild, albeit into something new. Having faced the death of her child, she likens her survival to that of a tree struck by lightning, which still puts out new branches or to the water that cuts through mountains and finds its way to continue moving forward.

“Living with acute awareness of the natural world has been a blessing and I have sought through my art to express the divine power and mysterious force of life.”   Anne Eisner

For more information about those involved in the second exhibition and artist conversation, please visit Kathleen or Anne’s websites: or

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