Robert Quance

Artist Biography

Robert Quance is a Toronto-born, mixed-media visual artist. His work combines experimental processes, incorporating multi-layered and textural elements within a diverse range of creative practices. He destroys, deconstructs and rebuilds his work, embracing the unexpected and accidental along the way.

Old and new technologies are utilized such as shooting with a digital camera through an 1890’s lens, using expired/damaged film in vintage cameras; taking digital photos of the analog prints then printing the digital images on an ink-jet printer, iron-on transferring or rubbing the wet toner on various surfaces both old and new. Work is produced using materials such as cardboard, textiles, ephemera, metal and vintage paper in combination with photography (analog, Polaroid, digital) with the application of paint, pastel, hair dye, bleach, graphite and varnish. Images/surfaces are distressed, scraped, obscured, reassembled and re-imagined. Destruction and rebirth exist simultaneously within the work.

Robert has many influences including Film Noir, 1960’s and 70’s European film, horror and mystery novels and film posters, World War II, industrial architecture, 1920’s music and design, urban streetscapes, old coins and the paranormal.

He constantly challenges himself to find new forms of expression in building a unique and engaging body of work, both strange and beautiful.


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