Artists Live featuring John Harris

December 10, 2017 / Mary Kee

Artists Live is a visual arts program, which features award-winning Connecticut artists in month-long exhibitions starting the first Friday of each month from March through December except for August. It will take place at 23 Royce Circle in Storrs, Connecticut. Each participating Artist, will be “live” the final Friday of their month of exhibition for an artist discussion with Kathleen Zimmerman at 5 pm followed by a reception at 6 pm, which is open and free to the public. Kathleen Zimmerman has partnered with the Mansfield Downtown Partnership and jointly they were awarded the State of Connecticut’s Office of the Arts Regional Arts Grant to create this program. John Harris will be the last artist of a series of ten artists. He will be exhibiting December 1st through the 29th, his artist discussion will be held on December 29th at 5 pm.

John Harris’ paintings are organic abstractions. He uses layers of paint and color to depict the hypnotic and fleeting. Each work of art exhibits his thoughtful sensitivity to the natural world, which he transforms into artistic statements that are intimate in nature while being powerful.

John isolates and exaggerates forms, colors and sequences found in nature. His large scale, realist paintings take one to two months to complete, as he meticulously works to recreate various environmental complexities from photographs, memory and artistic expression. The process begins with mapping out large shapes of color on canvas then details are added. When the paint dries more paint and glazes are added. The repetition of this careful glazing technique results in the dramatization of translucent layers. This visual effect is conceptually harmonious with its subject matter, which is often times water.

When John’s subject matter is water, he is most interested in exploring water’s physical properties of reflection, turbidity, rhythm and pattern that make up its unique viewing experience. He addresses these issues by isolating a moment in time in various bodies of water, painting from a bird’s eye view. The result is a series of peaceful and hypnotic paintings, in which water is disguised as tree canopies and the skies above.

“I always say to students or young people who want to paint and draw “keep it simple”. I am referring more to their palette…but I like to think this about life too.” JH

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