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January 9, 2017 / Mary Kachur


“Stories are important. They are what adhere us to ourselves. They connect us to our personal as well as our collective past, they stitch us to the future, and through them, we become the other.” Melinda R Smith

Las Laguna Gallery has done it again. With each new exhibition art lovers far and wide are learning of this unique gallery space located in the heart of Laguna Beach, California. This month the theme is “storytellers” and the best words to describe this event are:  stellar, thought provoking, unique, and humorous.

Selected from hundreds of submissions; this event features narrative works that convey stories, explore plotlines, and illustrate moral and spiritual lessons.  The mediums included are photography, acrylic, oil, mixed media and fiber art.

Preston Craigs’ gun toting “Gangsta Teddy”, Sarah Newells mouse in “Battlecry” or Bekki Canines’ incredible horses in “Astrology Series- Sagittarius” bring to mind fairytales that may exist or could have been. Viewers are pulled to them and their viewing appears to spark memories.

Works in the show veered into otherworldly with Melinda R Smiths’ works titled “I had to Take Milk of Magnesia” and “Too Far Afield”.  Smith is an artist and poet from Los Angeles whose works evoke the timelessness of childhood. The subject and themes remain in a world free of doubt and disbelief and the works exist in their own hyper-reality.

Beth Blake brings us three luscious paintings from her “Logical Reasoning Series” –“ Super Girl”, “Gestalt” and “Appetizing”. Blake describes this series: “Surrounded by endless energy, continuous probing, and infinite questions; I find myself caught in a whirlwind of motion struggling to land my feet and unable to solidify a single thought of my own.” The works are narrative reflections of her daily activities influenced by her environment and societal exposure.

As a whole or individually, each piece in this show is standout. The works, themes and even color palettes seem to complement each other. Come enjoy the various interpretations and haunting, thought provoking imagery waiting for you.

Artists include: Steve Anthony, Richard Barnett, Beth Blake, Bekki Canine, Christine Schramm  Cetrulo, Catherine Chambers, Jennifer Clements, Preston Craig, Mark Dierker, MM Dupay, J Freedman, Jason Gorcoff, Mallory Gottlieb, Stuart Holland, Whitman Lindstrom, Sarah Newel, Allan Peach, Donnal Poppe, Alisa Proctor, Melinda R Smith, Leslie Tucker, Elizabeth Yarosz-Ash.

Exhibition runs January 5 to January 27, 2017
Las Laguna Gallery is located at 577 S. Coast Highway A-1 Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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